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Leadership Program
Being a Christianpreneur is more than just a name. Learn what the scriptures on how to be a successful entrepreneur.

Get your FREE 30-minute consultation today. Some say day appointments available.

Individual Sessions

​​There nothing like investing in self. So let's get started. Forgiving and learning from the past. Empowering your today and tomorrow. 

Anger Management

Helping you get a handle on what sends you spiraling. 

New Life Pastoral Counseling Christian Counseling And Coaching Services

Anxiety & Depression

Learning how to look  at life with a different lens.



We provide many services to our clients including premarital counseling, anger management, and anxiety & depression programs. 


Couples Sessions
Who doesn't want a successful relationship?  Find out what other successful couples already know. 

Premarital Counseling

Helping you create the marriage you've always wanted.