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Profit with Passion Virtual Summit - DrAngela Chester_Balancing Business, Family & Spirit.

We offer the best all inclusive programs to keep you as healthy and safe as possible.

Dr. Angela Chester - Vendor table. STARS event for female youth. (women's ministry)
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Motivational Speaker Rev. Dr. Angela Chester, America's Pastoral Counselor

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Dr. Angela Chester welcomes the opportunity to speak at your event, be it in person or via teleconference (Skype). The perfect speaker for women's ministry, author events, career summits, wellness conferences, and more. She's ready to be your motivational speaker.

Located in Southern California, DrAngela travels within the United States. Topics include:

  • Motivational Leadership
  • Overcoming Breast Cancer 
  • How to Live in Your Purpose
  • Creating a Lifestyle for You and Your Family
  • Being your Best Self

​Topics are tailored to each audience. 

We'll make sure you and your significant other's needs are met and taken care of.