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Step-Family/Blended Family Issues

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In today’s societies, many families have become a blend of “his and hers,” with children from prior marriages or relationships, all growing up together. Many times these families face challenges that traditional families never think of - shared custody, co-parenting concerns, to developing and maintaining boundaries and rules which work in the current blended family.

Some of the challenges we would address are:

  • Discipline
  • Boundary creation and maintenance
  • Establishing the "rules of the house" 
  • Relationship expectations
  • Dealing with parenting conflicts
  • Relating as a couple
  • Step-siblings issues

Both adults and children may face issues of divided loyalties, resentments and forging new relationships. Having a successful blended family takes dedication, sensitivity and insight, and often can be difficult. Working with a counselor who works with blended families can allow parents and children to create rules that work for everyone, and allow both parents and children to address the complex dynamics of loyalty, conflict and love.

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