Dr. Angela Butts Chester is a known authority in Christian empowerment, with a focus on Generations X, Y and Z. 

  • Pastoral Counselor
  • TV Host - Daily Spark TV
  • Radio Host - Daily Spark with Dr. Angela @WDJYFM 99.1 FM Atlanta
  • Speaker
  • Author
Rev. Dr. Angela Chester highly sought after motivational speaker, counselor, wife and mother


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DAILY SPARK WITH DR. ANGELA is more than a program, it is a concept that fosters the empowerment spirit in everyone. It is my passion to inspire lives and encourage men and women from all walks of life to take the first step in achieving their God-given purpose. Reminding the listeners that every day (daily) they should have a passion no matter how small (spark) for life. Living in that passion, working in that passion, allows the vision to be realized; therefore, allowing another to come to an understanding or completion because you have followed your passion. When you understand that we are all connected, you determine that we all can support, inspire, and encourage each other to the point of community success. 

DAILY SPARK WITH DR. ANGELA started as a Faith Talk Radio Show providing inspirational tips and success stories for Entrepreneurs, Authors, Clergy, and others.  The concept has now grown to be a successful tv show that encourages folks around the world. Found on local television stations, online, and streaming entertainment to your TV devices.