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New Life Online exists to connect people with excellent Christian counselors wherever they are. Our goal at New Life Pastoral Counseling is to inspire and empower more lives, in more parts of the world - absolutely. 

New Life Online is that important tool to help achieve this goal by providing access beyond visiting the office. We are committed to providing people with the tools and insight to heal and grow. 

The Benefits of eCounseling [Online Phone Counseling]

Just as cell phones and email have changed how we communicate with each other, online counseling (e-counseling or telehealth) is a growing trend taking advantage of these tools to connect client with counselor regardless of where they are.  There are many reasons you should consider this:

  • You are traveling and would really benefit from a counseling or coaching session while on the road.
  • Your next appointment with your counselor is several days or weeks away and it would help to connect with someone sooner.
  • You live in an area where it is difficult to see a great counselor in person.
  • You need the privacy that a session from home or work can give you.

Read our FAQs below for more information about our services:

Q: How do I schedule a session?
A: Email sessions do not have to be scheduled. For phone counseling sessions, call our 562-209-2083 to schedule with your counselor or use the online scheduling system. Then complete the payment step. This will notify the counselor that a session has been scheduled and paid for. It’s that easy! Contact New Life Online if you have questions.

Q: What problems are appropriate for online counseling?

A: New Life Online can address many problems and challenges your are facing such as relationship issues, low self esteem, codependency, family concerns, relationship issues, depression, anxiety, etc. Online counseling is not appropriate for people who are suicidal or suffering from a psychotic disorder. Please note: due to common counseling laws regarding minors, New Life Online is not appropriate for individuals under the age of 18. 

Q: How long does a session last?
A: Phone sessions will last approximately 45 minutes. Each email message should be limited to approximately 250 words so that your counselor will have sufficient time to review it and respond.

Q: How much does it cost?

A: The rates for different types of online counseling may vary by type of session. The costs are posted on the scheduling webpage.

Q: Can I use my insurance?
A: We do not accept insurance at New Life Pastoral Counseling, however, most credit cards are accepted. We do not have a way to accept cash or check for online services.

Q: Is online counseling for me if I’m not very computer savvy?
A: New Life Online has made it easy to use our services even if you are not a member of the Apple Support Team. Please contact New Life Online through our webpage if you have questions.

Q: How do I begin an online session?
A: For all types of counseling sessions go to the New Life Online “Get Started” webpage. For phone counseling you will be provided a phone number to call either when you schedule a session or prior to your session through email.

  Hampton (757) 637-0164      Long Beach   (562) 209-2083