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3-5 June 2022

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Purpose is where we find meaning

The pressing need to know your purpose will not leave you until you do. Sure, you want to know what your purpose is because you want to know what you should be doing with your life. Or should I say what you’re "meant" to do with your life.  How doesn't want to know their calling or purpose in life, right?  

Perhaps, as a ministry leader, community leader,  solopreneur, entrepreneur, or aspiring one, you feel this desire to know your purpose so you can know what path to take with your business in order to fulfill your calling. 

Being a purpose-driven or spirit-led creator you are awakened through purpose! 
Pivot For Purpose helps you identify that purpose so you can thrive; become the  great leader you know you can be.

Through an engaging interactive live video conference, you'll spend time with Dr. Angela in dynamic discussions with a hands-on approach. 



What’s my purpose in life?

The existential question that has plagued civilization for years. Well, today we can get you closer to a personal answer!

Dr Angela Butts Chester - Pivot for Purpose - Empowerment Coach

Enjoy Our Live Training 
Live, real-time sessions 

With our live program, we are taking many of our in-person programs and translating them to a fully live and virtual format, delivering the same interactive sessions with and real-time application of the knowledge you would experience in person.

Length & Schedule  

3 days  - June 3-5, 2022


Interaction-centered approach

  • Interactive exercises
  • Live discussions
  • Group activities


Event: Zoom

Group: Facebook Group

This format is for you...   

If you are looking for high interactivity with Dr. Angela and your peers.

Pivot For Purpose with Dr. Angela Butts Chester #pivot4purpose

Pivot For Purpose
helps identify several areas that assist in finding our purpose in life, allowing us to become great leaders. Through an engaging interactive live video conference delivered by Dr. Angela Butts Chester, dynamic discussions with a hands-on approach, participants explore the mindsets and pieces of self that make them who they are.

You'll gain fresh insights into how to be better decision-makers, leaders of people and groups, and agents of organizational change. Even discover your personal pivot point and have to tools needed to transition and move forward. 
Your purpose may guide your business, but remember, your business is not your purpose. 

My personal story and development are intrinsically tied to my journey as a solopreneur, pastoral counselor, and empowerment coach. And that is the way I believe it should be. The way I believe it needs to be. Why? Because if we are longing to create freedom and fulfillment in our life through our business that requires us to be willing to do the inner work.

In just 3 days participants in Pivot For Purpose will take away several tangible benefits. They learn how to:

  • Determine which side of purpose resonates most with you
  • Enhance emotional intelligence and apply it appropriately  
  • Motivate yourself and be more effective
  • Decipher personal habits and trends for a better understanding
  • Determine the best next steps for any life phases and stages

Program Structure

Key questions

  • What is "purpose?"
  • What happens when your purpose changes?
  • What are the key action steps needed to plan and implement change?
  • How does mindset play a role?
  • What areas should I look to find a better understanding of my purpose?
  • How can you motivate yourself to walk on purpose?
  • ​...and more!

You leave the program with:

  • A new vision and outlook for all aspects of your life - work/career, business, personal, spiritual, and charitable. 
  • Confidence that you explored all options for your next chapter
  • Motivation to keep moving forward to your determined goal(s).
  • The specific purpose for all the hats you wear. 
  • A step-by-step time-practical action plan to make your new vision a reality.
  • A boldness of your understanding of your new role in life

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