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Spiritual Development

Spiritual development is available at New Life with Dr Angela

Spiritual growth and development is the process of personal awakening and becoming more conscious. Spiritual growth takes you beyond the ordinary awareness but to a more personal level of understanding and communication with God.  Whether or not one struggles with emotional issues, most people feel the need to keep growing spiritually. Sometimes that desire for spiritual development comes out of a struggle within oneself to deepen their relationship with God, or to understand more about one's own faith. At other times an individual may realize they feel a need for spiritual development as a way to deepen their faith and understanding of the unseen world around them.

Whether you are facing a spiritual crisis, or simply yearning to know more about God, it is important to understand that our approach is not to preach but instead to help each person at their level and help them grow into their best self.  We will address spiritual issues as well as emotional issues allowing the person to grow holistically.